hosekiFabulous news! HOSEKI JEWELRY is, once again, a sponsor of the Philippine Wedding Industry Ball. This year, at C’est la Vie, two exquisite bangles will end up on the wrists of two lucky individuals: The Female Star of the Night and Most Fabulous Star.

Inspired by exotic frogs from the tropical forests of South America, these bangles represent cleansing of the soul, renewal and rebirth. These frogs came to life with use of exquisite enamel techniques and their colors signify the level and are used to attact the opposite sex. Brass is used as its base metal and plated in gold adorned with south sea pearls. The bangle itself is hand carved Kamagong wood crafted and polished to perfection.

HOSEKI JEWELRY is located at the lower ground floor of The Podium Mall.


You’re attending C’est la Vie: the 5th Philippine Wedding Industry Ball, right? Well, guess what?! These hotels are feeling pretty generous, so you just might win one (or two!) of their fabulous GCs! We’ll find out soon! Two more days before the big event! (We hope you have tickets already!)

skybiz-logoSkyBiz is one of the sponsors of C’est la Vie: Soiree de Gala a la Francaise.



See you all tomorrow at the Grand Ballroom of the luxurious Sofitel Philippine Plaza, venue of C’est la Vie: Soiree de Gala a la Francaise.


In just a few hours, these fabulous suppliers will begin to transform Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Grand Ballroom, taking us to Paris, France for tomorrow’s C’est la Vie: Soiree de Gala a la Francaise. 


Major prizes to giveaway at the ball, you ask? Well, we can’t really reveal too much. But here, check out these logos and start imagining. 😉 One of these just might end up YOURS! We’ll find out in two days! (So don’t forget to purchase your ticket/s!)
Lights, check! Sounds, check! LED walls, check! Cameras, check! Trusses, check! Gensets, check! These suppliers are all set to ingress for C’est la Vie: Soiree de Gala a la Francaise!
And to make sure special and fabulous moments are captured during C’est la Vie: Soiree de Gala a la Francaise, these trusted suppliers will be waiting for all of us!