The association shall welcome candidates with the following credentials:

  1. Wedding planners/coordinators currently registered with DTI/SEC with wedding planning/coordination as its primary trade or purpose; engaged in the wedding planning service on a full-time basis for a cumulative period of three (3) years ; and have conducted at least fifteen (15) weddings since its inception or engagement in the service. Proof of registration with the DTI/SEC and a current business permit shall be required.
    Wedding planners/coordinators whose registration with DTI/SEC is less than three (3) years from date of application, shall be required to submit proof of its actual engagement as such. In this respect, the prospective applicant shall submit at least three (3) Service Agreements or if not available , a reference letter from at least three(3) previous clients
  2. Establishments such as but not limited to wedding stores which also provide wedding planning/coordination services duly operating for at least three (3) years and have conducted at least fifteen (15) wedding. Proof of engagement as wedding coordinators such as a Service Agreement or Contract, shall be required, along with a copy of the establishments DTI/SEC certificate.
  3. Events Management Groups currently registered with DTI/SEC and have been engaged in wedding planning/coordination for a minimum of three (3) years and provided coordination services for at least fifteen (15) weddings. Proof of actual engagement in the form of a Service Agreement and copy of the DTI/SEC registraiton shall be required.

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